Friday, March 1, 2013

BONUS BAM! T-shirt


Hey Guys, Rexmonos here. There is another weekend deal on! Here are the details!

Did you miss your chance to win a BAM! T-shirt at the Bonus Bash? NOW is your chance to grab yours!Purchase Shells, Banana Chips or a MiniMonos Gold membership between now and midday on Monday and get a BAM! shirt on MiniMonos!
Offer ends midday Monday March 4th, Monkey Time (GMT).
What are you guys waiting for? Purchse Shells, Banana Chips or a MiniMonos Gold membership now! and get a bananamazing BAM! T-shirt!


The MOST liked Orbventure!


Hey Guys, Rexmonos here. There is a new contest on the blog! Here are the details.

Build an EPIC Orbventure mission at the Crash Site and get ready to share it with all of your buddies! If you're new to MiniMonos and want some handy tips on how to build an orbventure, check out this video!The TOP 5 Orbventures that get the MOST Likes between NOW and March 4th will win 100 BONUS Go Orbs xPowers and a SILVER TICKET!What are you waiting for? Visit the Orbital 2025 and get your mission on!
Awesome! What are you waiting for guys? Go to Orbital 2025 and create your mission for a chance to get 100 BONUS Go Orbs powers and a SILVER TICKET!!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

EcoProject Spotlight: Iggy03

Hey Guys, Rexmonos here.

It's time for another EcoProject Spotlight! This time it's.... Iggy03! Congratz Iggy!

Heres what Bananatastic had to say..


Today we're putting the spotlight on Iggy03!
Iggy03 added stones to his toilet cistern to save water everytime the toilet is flushed!
Iggy03 is now an EcoMonkey and has been given the special EcoMonkey t-shirt, EcoMonkey Top Cap, which means he can now visit the Eco Dome on MiniMonos Island every day!
That's a bananatastic EcoProject Iggy03! What do you guys think of it? Comment below!

Marco's mug-shot Monday: Memories we'll never forget!

Hey Guys, Rexmonos here.
Theres a new Marcos Mugshot Monday!


It looked like a load of fun but sadly.. I couldn't make it (again). Anyway Lets see what those monkeys got up to this week!

We made so many memories with our buddies on MiniMonos last week. Check out these pictures:
BOO! Did the ghost monkeys at Awanga Cave scare you?
MaxiMonkey applications are open for the March MaxiMonkey team! Did you apply?
Crystal Cave is one of our favorite rooms to party in, but watch out for the PIE MONSTER!
Check out ColaX's beautiful Plum Blossom plants from Traderz!
Thanks for a great week, monkeys! We can't wait to see what outfits you guys create for Wacky Wednesday!
Looks like everyone had loads of fun last week! Can't wait for Wacky Wednesday!

Can you find the Red Envelope?

Hey Guys, Rexmonos here.

There is a new puzzle on the MiniMonos Blog. Can you solve it?



Saturday, February 23, 2013

MiniMonos Universe now on the Blogroll!

Hey Guys, Rexmonos here.

As you know I restarted this blog about a month ago and spent some weeks renovating it before posting. After that I sent an email to the Minimonos staff to put my Blog on the MiniMonos Blogroll of Honor & Awesomeness. And Guess what? They have!

MiniMonos Universe is now on the blogroll! Now you can get all the latest news on this site easier! Thanks to everyone for continuing to visit MM Universe!

Best Bananas,

Friday, February 22, 2013

March MaxiMonkeys wanted!

Hey Guys, Rexmonos here.

It's that time again! Thats right it's time for the MaxiMonkey application!

To Apply Simply fill out the form below!. Click here to learn about the MaxiMonkey program before filling out the application!

The MaxiMonkey application form will be open until March 1st.

Good Luck Monkeys,

P.S. February MaxiMonkeys do not have to apply to be a MaxiMonkey again.