This blog was created on December 6th 2010. I created this blog to help new monkeys as well as old monkeys get the newest minimonos news and gudies. This blog was inactive for 5 months as it was in the construction phase, but with the help of miniJghRocks and Sonic4572, the blog was officially released on April 15th 2011. Thank you for all your help!

About Minimonos
MiniMonos is a virtual world for children, focused on sustainability, generosity, community and fun. We're based in New Zealand and we welcome children from around the world to create monkeys and play on MiniMonos!
MiniMonos (Little Monkeys in Spanish) was founded by mom and entrepreneur Melissa Clark-Reynolds, who was one of the first two New Zealanders to be trained by Al Gore to present The Inconvenient Truth slideshow. Melissa's pioneering work in the New Zealand environmental movement paved the way for more Kiwi presenters to be trained last year.
With MiniMonos, Melissa has combined her entrepreneurial bent, love of technology, and environmental activism. Sustainability isn't "taught" on MiniMonos; it's normalised. Kids quickly realise that if they don't clean the lagoon, the fish don't come back. If they don't do their recycling, their treehouses get messy.
At MiniMonos, we do everything possible to reinforce the need to take real-world action. We turned off the servers for Earth Hour, and every new membership provides clean drinking water for children in India. When we hit our first 50 Gold members, we adopted an orangutan baby for a year!
And you can join the fun too! just click here to play minimonos now!


CEO: Melissa Clark-Reynolds ("AlphaMonkey")


Melissa is a mom, an environmental advocate and an entrepreneur. 
Her passion for our planet is profound, and reflects in how she is raising her daughter, how she gives back to her community, and how she is growing her business. One of the first two New Zealanders trained up as an Ambassador for Al Gore's Climate Project, Melissa has presented The Inconvenient Truth over 20 times to more than 2000 New Zealanders to raise awareness and motivate people to take action. MiniMonos is an opportunity for her to combine her dedication to sustainability with her 20 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur. 
Melissa incorporated MiniMonos in 2009 out of a desire to create games that have a positive impact on children. 
Email Melissa:melissac@minimonos.com melissac@minimonos.com

Chief Technical Officer: Greg Montgomery ("Monty")


Greg is a titan of information technology with 15 years of experience, including the development and implementation of SafeTsmart, a health and safety product, into the Australian market. He is committed to shaping a better future for the planet, through helping kids to discover the impact of their and their parents' choices. 
Email Greg:gregm@minimonos.com gregm@minimonos.com

Chief Marketing Officer: Kaila Colbin ("MissDawg")

Kaila is a communications crusader with a focus on conversational marketing and global social networking. As a New Yorker living in New Zealand, she understands the need for environmental literacy in big cities as well as rural areas, and is passionate about creating a world in which a healthy environment coexists with a strong economy. Following in Melissa's footsteps, Kaila has also become a Climate Project ambassador and now presents the Inconvenient Truth presentation to groups including schoolchildren. 
Kaila's purpose in life is to be an uplifting presence, and her work with MiniMonos is helping her achieve that. 
Email Kaila:kailac@minimonos.com kailac@minimonos.com

Community Manager and Monkey Camp Mother: Andrea Deely ("EcoMom")

Andrea loves to connect good causes with good people. She is a mother, has a background in marketing and communications and for the past few years has donated her time to childrens' charities such as Koru Care.
Awed by her son's passion for the environment, Andrea thinks it's fantastic to see kids leading the way to a greener future, armed with knowledge their parents didn't have—but they still love to play. How cool is that?!
Email Andrea:andread@minimonos.com andread@minimonos.com

Game Designer and Writer: Deb Todd ("Bulabula")

Deb-monkeyDeb started her career writing Saturday morning cartoons for the Pink Panther and soon transitioned to becoming a world-renowned childrens game expert. She has worked with some very famous characters, including Curious George, Blue of Blues Clues, and all of the 101 Dalmatians, and has created many award-winning titles for children and grownups. Deb has 27 published titles in books, games, and television, and loves bridging the worlds of technology and entertainment and education, especially for kids. 
Deb's passion is designing fun education into games, and believes that playing games can be a great way for kids to learn! 

World Builder: Paul Abrahams ("Badgerfox")

Paul-monkeyPaul is one of our technical gurus and father to a gorgeous baby girl! Known as "Badgerfox" on MiniMonos, he's one of the most popular staff members on the island. His wife is helping him learn to appreciate where our food comes from by introducing him to the concept of a town garden (otherwise referred to as an edible oasis).
Paul is a complete gaming addict who's been making game systems since he was 7 and building commercial software for 10 years, and MiniMonos brings together his multiple passions -- games, kids, and a passion for the environment -- in one place.

World Artist: David Wheadon ("Weado")

David-monkeyDavid is our world artist, and the man who makes all our cool treehouse items! He's got two boys, one 8 and one 7 years old. His visual aesthetics show up in web apps (he's been designing them for more than ten years), Photoshop, and his love of photography. 
David loves wildlife and often takes his boys out looking for spiders and wetas, and never says no to his wife's cooking (burp!).

Moderator: Gwen Walton-Wegener ("Manx")

Gwen is one of our moderators dedicated to keeping MiniMonos a safe and fun place for kids to enjoy. She describes herself as a geek who enjoys mmorpg-type games and reading every day. As a huge animal lover, she is owned by three cats (one of which is a manx), a turtle and a few dozen fish. Her passion for animals is one of the main reasons she is striving to have a more sustainable and eco-friendly life. 
Email Gwen:gwenw@minimonos.com gwenw@minimonos.com

Moderator: Lilian Tran ("Viper")

Another one of our moderators, Lilian loves to help and meet as many kids she can on MiniMonos while keeping it a safe and friendly environment for everyone. She is the youngest and newest addition to our MiniMonos staff, and has been passionate about playing on and trying out new virtual world games since she first discovered them as a teenager. 
Lilian adores kids and babies, and especially enjoys seeing how happy and innocent they are to all of the negative things in the world. She likes to be able to inform and help others about how we can treat the Earth with greater kindness. 
Email Lilian:L.Tran@minimonos.com L.Tran@minimonos.com