Minimonos Guide

Welcome Monkey to MiniMonos! Minimonos is a safe virtual world for Good Green Kids. On MiniMonos you can play games, chat with friends, decorate your monkey, and decorate your treehouse. Monkeys all around the world play MiniMonos learning how to be green and preserve the environment. If you don’t clean the lagoon, the fish don’t come back. If you don’t do their recycling, their treehouse gets messy! If you don't play Monkey Flight your windmill stops spinning! All of these skills encourage kids to go green and help the world in their own little way. This guide will tell you all about little  MiniMonos and what you can do on it.


Have you ever wondered how to move about on Minimonos? How monkeys can move and go from place to place? Well,it is really easy,and when you see how you'll know what I mean. There are 3 ways you can move around on Minimonos. You walk around while on a server by simply clicking where you want to go.

Minimonos has 4 servers right now, Star Tiger, Cyclops, Avenger And Bounty. Ocassionally Minimonos removes servers and add servers from time to time. You can choose which ever you choose and simply click on it and you will be taken to ''Castle Beach'' on Minimonos. Please note that all the servers have the same rooms and features! And also that if a buddy is on a different server and you are on a  different server your buddy will NOT appear online on your buddy list.The planets and how big the Sun is also represents how many monkeys are online! So when teh sun is blazing brightly with lots of planets around it, it means that server is almost full!

Menu Bar
Minimonos also has a Menu Bar that currently consists of 8 features which are the message tab, map, treehouse icon, Journal icon, camera, chat bar, language tab and chat log.  The Menu Bar is one of the most commom,used tools on Minimonos! The first feature consists of the ''Chatter'' where you can look at what monkeys have said,in case you need to see something they said again. The second feature consists of the ''Translator'' where you can change the Language of Minimonos from English to Spanish,really helpful for monkeys from another country or if you don't know English! The third feature consists of ''Chatting'' that includes of words that Minimonos automatically gives you if you do not use the feature to talk freely,but if you do chat freely,just simply type your message and hit the ''Enter'' key or the ''Enter'' on Minimonos, non members are chat -restricted which means that if you type in a  word that isn't recognised by Minimonos it will replace it,and you can also mute the music on Minimonos! The fourth feature consists of the ''Journal'' where you can have many features and it is really helpful. The fifth feature consists of ''Treehouse'' and if you click it,you will be directly taken to your monkey's treehouse. The sixth feature consists of ''Map'' and if you click it you will have a variety of locations to go to. The seventh feature, consists of ''Messages'' where you can check all the messages that monkeys have sent you. You can tell if you have a message by just checking if that little icon is glowing, The eighth feature, is the camera, which you can use to take pictures and save them to your computer!

Hello Monkeys, and welcome to your journal! Your journal is where you can view some of your very own information on MiniMonos! Now, you can get into your journal by pressing this button here:

That button has a lot of features! Yeah! That button!  You can also get to it by click your monkey in world. Now, when you first open up your journal, this is what you should see:

Friend's Journal
That part of your journal is called your “Friend’s Journal!” It’s shown as the red tab On your friends journal, you can buy gold memberships, banana chips and shells. You can view how much (if any) gold you have left, check your monkeys current outfit, and see all the newest MiniMonos news by some of the Non Playing Characters! From there, you can get to every other page in your journal. So, let’s go in order!
Buddy List
Now, we have the orange tab, which opens up your buddy list! 

There are also Best Buddies where you can add buddies that you know really well!

Your buddy list shows you ALL of your friends! Here, you can view how many pages of buddies you have, and you can invite friends to join Minimonos by clicking the big green button! :D Awesome! Now, here you can also see the friends you have online! If a friends is online, they will have a colored monkey next to their name, like Sonic4572 does. If they are not on, they will have a non colored monkey like 03Dakots100 does. Next to a friends name, they have a treehouse and a mail symbol. You can click the treehouse symbol to go to their treehouse, and click the mail to open up or continue a chat log with them! Coolio! :D
Next, we have our friend the green tab. The green tab shows you EVERYTHING you own. Here, you can view all the costumes, clothes, treehouse items, and well, everything else you have!

Inside are these Green Tabs

They are
1. All Items
2. Treehouse items
3. Treehouse furniture
4. Clothing Items
5.Trophys (Items you've earned or collected)
6.Game Items (Items you earned from games)

You can now take photos with your camera! And you can view your buddies photos

The next tab is the tab for Quests! You can do quests to earn cool items!

You can complete these quests and get cool items! Scroll down for how to complete them.

Party Time
Next we have the Party Time tab:

You can get X Powers and you can buy the current X Powers. Sometimes they have temporary Seasonal/ Holiday X Powers that you can buy, like the 'Go Candy Canes' X Power that was released for Christmas.

Last but not the least we have the Settings Tab.

Here you Can allow sleepwalking, enable sound and switch language. When you are sleepwalking the monkey will have a Z.z.Z beside their name. For example 'Rexmonos Z.z.Z'


Here are Minimonos Guides.

Top Banana

To become a Top Banana just do the following.
1. Open your monkey profile

2. Click the Quests button

3.Click the Top Banana button

4. A checklist will pop up and you will need to complete it

When you complete it you will get this banana beside your name


Shells & Banana Chips

Hello guys, this guide is on how to earn shells & Banana Chips

1. Shells
Shells are a second set of Minimonos currency released last year.We are still waiting for them to be released so everyone can earn them. But now you have to win them in Giveaways or Contests. Or you could buy them on the Minimonos site. You can use them to buy Limited Edition items in the Traderz shop.

2. Banana Chips
The official Minimonos currency. You can earn this and win them in Giveaways or Contests. Playing games is the common way and the easy way of earning Banana Chips. You can use them to buy the Catalog items at Traderz. You can also buy them on the Minimonos site.

Hope this guide helped you!
Best Bananas,


Firstly you have to be a Top Banana.
To become a MiniMod firstly
1.Open your profile

2.Click the Quest Button

3.Click the button that says becaome a MiniMod

4. A checklist will pop up and all you have to do is complete it

Do all the quests and when you've completed it you will become a MiniMod!

When you complete it you will get a star like that beside your monkey name