Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MiniMonos mogger highlight!

Mogger highlight 
Hey moggers,
I've been looking through the MiniMonos fan sites and I must say that all of you are doing an absolutely fantastic job!
I just wanted to make it clear that the whole entire MiniMonos team REALLY realizes HOW much work you guys put into your sites, and thinks they are awesome!! A big monkey high-5 to ALL of you!
When I was browsing I noticed one blog had a really nice header on their site which I wanted to feature! This header is onMinimonostips!
I think the header is upbeat, a nice shade of green, simple, and well put together! I think it looks absolutely fantastic on your blog, Tommy! Keep up the good work! 
Keep working on your blogs, moggers!...Maybe you'll be featured in the next Mogger Highlight!
Best Bananas,
I really like that header Tommy! kudos! But i'm to graphically challenged to make such a high rank header like that :(

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