Friday, April 15, 2011

Minimonos Week

Hey guys I couldn't post in the past week so heres all the latest news.

We declare this weekend to be PIRATE WEEKEND!

Ahoy there, Monkeys!
You will have noticed that tons of new pirate stuff has been released in Traderz -- from clothing for your monkey, to furniture to a brand new treehouse!
So this weekend has been declared...arrrr!.. PIRATE WEEKEND! 
We want ALL monkeys to dress in their pirate outfits for the weekend, speak in their pirate voices, and have a piGREATtime!
I will be hanging around in-world at random times throughout the weekend, giving away a treasure chest load of shells and banana chips!
It's important that ye don't miss this fun weekend, Me Hearties! Make sure to show a leg!
Fire in the hole!


Treehouse of the Week!

Ahh, you guys make it so hard to choose Treehouse of the Week!
So many awesome treehouses this week, but we can only choose one! This week, I dropped by Skipie's treehouse -- and LOVED IT! Check this out:
Skipie's treehouse was so inviting that I just had to have a cup of tea! I really enjoyed my little stay.  Check it out, Skipie has his El Lancho beta poster up. :O Sweet!
It was great to be able to see my cup of tea lit up with items from the Halloween catalog! Great job Skipie!! 
Don't forget monkeys -- decorate your treehouses!
Message me when you have, so I can go and check them out! :D 


MiniMonos Monkey of the Week!

Hi monkeys!
Of course you already know why we're here -- Its time for Monkey of the week!! WOOT!  
We'd like to give a big monkey round of applause to...Angie6392
AngieProfileWe've known Angie6392 since a few months after MiniMonos started! Woah, that was a long time ago!
Last week Angie got really involved in the Beta Bananaza party week, where she won prizes and check out her EcoMonkey project where she changed lightbulbs in her house to eco-friendly ones: Angie6392's eco-project completed!
Congratulations, Angie for receiving Monkey of the Week! Thanks for all your help and friendliness to others around MiniMonos Island since you've been a member.
Monkeys -- maybe the Monkey of the Week will be you next week! Hehe, you never know. :D

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