Saturday, April 30, 2011

Monthly Master Piece FINAL REMINDER! GRAND PRIZE: 100 Shells

Hey Monkeys,
All Monthly Masterpiece's are due by the END OF TODAY! As of right now, the only monkeys that I have received masterpiece's from are:
-Rocketmonkey                    -Wato8
-Shirtisredcp                         -Marbot
-Hockey813                           -08sunlight
6a01156f56a197970b014e5fa9190c970cThe grand prize is 100 shells and second and third place get MiniMonos memberships! This is a contest YOU DO NOT want to miss out on! If you haven't sent in your entry yet, PLEASE email it to OR leave it here in a comment.
awesome! quickly everymonkey! get your entries in fast!

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