Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Author: miniJghRocks!

Hey Monkeys! miniJghRocks here! I am the newest author on mmuniverse! :-) Here's what I look like in world:

Although I'm constantly changing, I'll probably always have my green paint, and of course, my name! :D
So, a bit about me! Obviously, my name is miniJghRocks. xDD I joined MM on June 2, 2010, but also have another account that joined during Alpha. I'm very active on MiniMonos. I was a Top Banana for about 10-11 months before recently becoming a MiniMod (with requirement changes) xDDD Overall, I just love to play MiniMonos! :-)

So, I'm very excited to work here! I'll mostly be posting and updating the pages, but I'll do posts, too! :-)
Thanks Monkeys! See you around! :-)

Rexmonos says: Great post mini! I'm glad you work on Minimonos Universe too!

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