Monday, April 18, 2011

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Monkey Fact Monday -- can you guess this monkey?

Hello Monkeys!
I've got one awesome Monkey Fact Monday for you!
Here is a picture of a monkey -- quite a hard one, I suppose!
Your job is to tell me what type of monkey it is!
Here are some clues to help you: 
Its coat and face are mainly black, while the throat and the outside side of its arms are white, and its hips and back are orange. The body length varies between 40 and 55 centimetres and its weight is normally between 4 and 7 kilograms.
Have fun guessing monkeys!
Thanks Tommypp!  Oooh monkeys! You all did well last week guessing the Spider Monkey -- how will you do this week?  :-)  EcoMom

Minimonos Weekly Highscores
Yay!! High scores are in! Look at these fantastic monkeys playing games! ^.^ Nice scores. :D
WillMonkey Flight high scores:
High Flyin' monkeys!

came in 1st with 5697 clouds, WOAH! Policeman655was 2nd, and Whyme100 was 3rd place! Nice work!
FlipRecycle game high scores:
Watch out for that crow! :O

came in first with a total of 3932 items recycled!Zushi was 2nd place and 4nim4l was 3rd! Keep it up monkeys!
FlipGo Go Green high scores:
Keeping the island green! WOOT!

Poppy came in 1st with a score of 379,000! LilyF was 2nd place and ManisMonkey was 3rd! Wooahhh!
IgorTicTacPoo high scores:
TicTacPoo Monkeys! ^_^ 
Cpdarkrai came in 1st place! Archer came in 2nd!BannanaRama was 3rd! Good work!
BeaGrow high scores:
Grow those strawberries monkeys! YUM!
was in 1st! Mioster was 2nd! Emeremoetu came in 3rd! Awesome!!
You monkeys are doing awesomely! Keep up all the great work on the games. Have a bananaTASTIC week! ^.^
Best Bananas,

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