Tuesday, April 19, 2011

See You Sunday theme song contest

Do you like to write songs? I hope so, because we're looking for your help!
We are looking for monkeys to create lyrics for a See You Sunday theme song!
Here are some things you should keep in mind while writing your song...
SongContestSee You Sunday is all about MiniMonos news, fun, games and prizes.
  SongContestSee You Sunday is every Sunday at 3pm MiniMonos time.
  SongContestYour song must be appropriate and have PG-rated friendly lyrics.
  SongContestYour song must be original and not copy any tune or lyrics from another song
  SongContestYour song should take a minute or less to sing. 
    Leave your lyrics as a comment on THIS post.  All entries are due April 22, 2011.
    So, what then? Well, we'd like you to meet an awesome MiniMonos friend (and a friend of Bananatastic):
    On April 22nd Travis, who is a professional singer with 3 CDs, will sing and record the winning song! 
    The See You Sunday song will then be premiered next See You Sunday, April 24, 2011! 
    Heres my entry!
    Hey, Hey Monkeys!
    Do you know what time it is?
    It's See You Sunday time!
    At 3pm everyday,
    the Minimonos Staff come to say hey!
    They talk about fun,
    and cheer up everyone!
    They talk about loads of stuff,
    And after play Monkey Flight in Kittyhawk Bluff,
    They get overwhelmed with tension,
    At the mere mention,
    Of contests that include fun!
    They honour the talent,
    of work so gallant,
    submitted to the Monthly Masterpiece,
    that really never ceases
    to AMAZE!
    The give sneak peeks,
    or post a rare leak,
    of upcoming items or events,
    that my dear ladies and gents,
    Will BLOW your mind
    They honour the Blogroll of Awesomeness,
    which is awesome and nothing less,
    After they fix up the mess,
    that those pesky glitches & bugs cause
    To make Minimonos a better place!

    So tune in on Sunday,
    for what makes Sunday a Fun Day,
    A little thing that we like to call..
    See You Sunday!!!!!!!!!

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