Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day Guys! Today on the Official Minimonos Blog Bananatastic wanted to know why we love the Earth? Here is the official blog post.

Today is Valentines Day and we want to know why you love the Earth!  Do to you love swimming in the beautiful oceans that we want to keep clean?  Maybe you love the beautiful animals that we're working hard to save?Let us know why you love the Earth in the comments below to score yourself 20 "Go Valentines" xPowers!Don't forget to make a Valentines Day card and send it to your buddies at Castle Beach before time runs out! Happy Valentines Day, monkeys!
How about that? What an awesome deal! Comment and you get 20 Go Valentines xPowers! Click here to comment on the Official Minimonos Blog.#

Best Bananas,

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