Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Updates

Hey Guys I logged on and I found that there were some updates! Firstly you can find a egg basket at Butterfly Meadow

            If you click it you get access to two easter powers!

                          The 'Egg Hunt' power thats turns the user into a bunny

And turns the other people in the room into eggs of different colours!

And the 'Eggs Forever power than calls upon a bird who lays easter eggs from the sky!

And there is a new timer that times the power, so when you get bored with the power click the X and the power will automatically wear off

Don't you think these are cool? And there is a new pirate costume! You can buy it at Traderz for 25 shells each.

And there are new buddy options!



New Buddy layout

There is now Best Buddies!

And Shout Out

And there is a new pet

It's name is CPT Flint 1001! and if you've noticed most of the robots pictures have a gold outline and only GyroBot 3000 doesn't that's because  the ones with the gold outline are members only

Awesome updates Minimonos!


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