Thursday, April 21, 2011

New MiniMonos Treehouse of the Week!

Alas Monkeys... Its Treehouse of the week time!
I've been checking my messages continuously all week long... And finally -- I wondered into Nicky's treehouse! It felt like home!
Awesome treehouse, Nicky! It was put together very well! Aye Matey, how did you make such a cool treehouse? Care to share? Hehe! My favorite thing about Nicky's treehouse has to be the pirate bookshelf! Way to support last weekend when it was Pirate Weekend! :D
If you want to see YOUR treehouse featured here, don't be afriad to send me a message to check your treehouse out after you have decorated it -- I'd love to see it! :-)
Aye, have a good rest of the week, Maties!
Awesome Treehouse Nicky! Didn't Calypso get my blog comment? I'm gonna karate chop her treehouse with some of me maties! heh heh

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