Saturday, April 23, 2011

Minimonos Celebrates Earth Day!

Hey Monkeys! miniJ here! Know what today is? EARTH DAY! :D To celebrate, we’ve made a special Earth Day Post! Here’s Hi with the history of Earth Day:
Earthday2Earth day is a great day to celebrate the earth and our passion for it!  How did Earth Day come to be? 
Earth Day was an idea that came to Senetor Gaylord Nelson in 1962, but he didn't act on this idea until 1969.  He soon made a national day in the spring on 1970.  This later became known as Earth day!
Why I think Earth Day is an important holiday to celebrate:
I think Earth Day is a very important holiday that is underappreciated. The reason Earth Day is really important is not the little extra people who were already living green lives do, but that it raises awareness about all the pollution and bad things in our world, and why we need to stop them! Earth Day can really turn people who weren’t green before into people who are more environmentally aware! It can really help people to go green!
Zoo’s thoughts on Earth Day! :D
Why do you feel Earth Day is important?
I feel Earth Day is important due to the fact that we as a society are killing the environment, that we give just one day back to the world and fix all the damage from the other 364 days.
How do you celebrate Earth Day?
I celebrate Earth Day by cleaning up my yard and try fixing up all of the broken furniture outside to reuse. This is a day I usually try to avoid driving in cars, but to take my bike out for a spin. Earth Day is one day where you should show the world you care!
Shouldn’t everyday be Earth Day?
Yes, everyday should be Earth Day! When you care for your world, it will reward you back in so many helpful ways. Never again shall I do something that would harm the environment for no reason or a bad one.
Thanks Monkeys! Hoped you learned a bit! Have a HAPPY EARTH DAY! :-)
~miniJghRocks, Hi, and Zoo
Awesome post! Can't wait for Earth Day!

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