Saturday, April 23, 2011

Minimonos Monkey of the Week

Hey there monkeys! :D 
Its a big week for us and all the updates! Hehe, but of course we couldn't forget about Monkey of the Week!
This week's monkey of the week goes too... *drum roll*
Flappy!! :-D

FlappyProfileFlappy is a really nice monkey! He was very interactive during Beta Bananaza party week, and even won a YEAR Gold Membership!! What a lucky monkey! 
Flappy has also gotten very involved with MiniMonos and our Eco Projects. Have you seen his Eco-Project yet? Check it out right here: Flappy's Bananamazing Eco Project!
Congratulations Flappy, you've been a great monkey! :D 
Be sure to give Flappy a big monkey High-5 when you see him on the island! ^.^ 

Do you want to be Monkey of the Week? Get involved! Do an Eco-Project, chat with us in world, comment on the blog posts, help new monkeys, stand out from the crowd! Show us why you deserve to be Monkey of the Week! :-)
Congratz Flappy!

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