Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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Monkey Fact Monday

Hey there monkeys!
Hope everyone had a really good weekend because its Monday! WOOP!
Lets start the week off with some fun Monkey Facts! 

The Japanese Snow Monkey is a very interesting type of monkey. Of course if you couldn't tell, they come from Japan. Hehe! You might also know these monkeys by the name of 'Japanese Macaque'. 

I find these monkeys funny because they orginated in Japan, but live in many places in Texas, United States! Crazy right? :D 

If you haven't seen these monkeys before, check out the picture below, they are just adorable! 
Photo courtesy of iloveprimates.com
As you can see from the beautiful picture, Japanese Snow Monkeys have red faces, and a super-warm coat for the winter. Another thing this photo unfortunately didn't capture was their abnormally short tails. It's not so common for a monkey to have a short tail, but not for these monkeys! :D

Hope you enjoyed this week's Monkey Fact Monday! Let us know your thoughts on these primates. ^.^

MiniMonos Weekly High Scores!
Woohoo! Time for the Weekly High Scores! Lets get to it. :) 
WillMonkey Flight high scores:
Cloud Catchin' Monkeys!

 Congratulations to Cid for coming in 1st with 5344 clouds, WOAH! Llahxam was 2nd, and Johnm1234 was 3rd place! Nice work!
FlipRecycle game high scores:
Lovin' these scores monkeys! xD


came in first with a total of 3276 items recycled!JbJs was 2nd place and Shani5 was 3rd! I see some new monkey names up there, GREAT job! :D 
FlipGo Go Green high scores:
Green Monkeys! :D


Momu came in 1st with a score of 366,250! LilyG was 2nd place and Sparkcharm2 was 3rd! Nice scores you have there monkeys. :) 
IgorTicTacPoo high scores:
Can I get a WOOT WOOT? ^.^ 

BannanaRama came in 1st place! Monkeyrock came in 2nd!Georgie2751 was 3rd! Wow!! Nice going monkeys! :D
BeaGrow high scores:
Grow grow grow!! 

was in 1st! Oohoohahhahh was 2nd! Enthiran came in 3rd! Bananamazing! 
Love all the new high scores monkeys! Enjoy your week monkeys, see you around the island! ^.^ 

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