Monday, April 25, 2011

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WANTED! More funny MiniMonos monkeys

Hi Monkeys!
Last week for the funniest monkey challenge I asked for some pirate jokes! You guys submitted some really awesome jokes that we thought were hilarious! At the end of See You Sunday and voting, the funniest monkey was declared to be Cpdarkrai. 
This week I'm looking for food jokes!
I will choose the top 3 jokes to put into a poll for us all to vote on during the next See You Sunday!
The winning Funniest Monkey will receive 500 Banana Chips to say from us all, "thanks for the laugh!".
What are you waitng fo...  Start leaving comments with your jokes! 

MiniMonos See You Sunday Theme song Updates
Hi Monkeys,
What's up?  You may have read on Go Bananas that the MiniMonos See You Sunday theme Song premiered today on See You Sunday! You can download the song and save it to your iPod by clicking HERE.
Here are the bananamazing lyrics written by winning monkeys Spottyfur and jackstar:
Hey everyone! Are you ready?

Just chatting with the crew, 
To see what's new,
Sunday at 3pm! 
(Go tell your friends!)

Having fun 
And hanging out,
That's what it's all about, 
It's time to party!

With all my monkey friends,
The fun will never end.
Go bananas, spread the word,
See You Sunday is around the world!

Having fun 
And hanging out,
That's what it's all about,
MiniMonos See You Sunday.

It's see, see, 
MiniMonos See You Sunday!
It's see, see, 
MiniMonos See You Sunday!

Hehehe, isn't the song awesome!? 
Hey Monkeys,
Today at See You Sunday we had the premier of the new See You Sunday theme song with lyrics written by winning monkeys, Spottyfur and Jackstar!
The song was then recorded and sung by a friend of MiniMonos and Bananatastic, professional singer, Travis.  Here it is!:

It's awesome that you loved the song and many of you requested for it to be downloadable so they could put it on your iPods!
You can download the See You Sunday song by clicking the download button below, then the link which says 'Click here to start downloading from MediaFire':

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