Monday, February 18, 2013

Marco's mug-shot Monday: Great times with great buddies!

Hey Guys, Rexmonos here,

Time for another...

Take it away Banantastic!

We had a BLAST hanging out with our buddies around the island this week!
Monkeys have a BALL creating Valentines Day invite cards at Castle Beach!
Bubble98 gives all of her buddies a silly look with the hilarious "Go Groucho" xPower!
Pie monsters, ghost, and snowmen take on Crystal Cave!
Bananatastic and his buddies share stories around the Hana Cove camp fire!

Viper and Bananatastic team up while playing Bat Catcher!
Wow seems like everyone had loads of fun! Maybe one of these days i'll actually make it and be in one of these photos. And it seems like Viper is back :O. What are your thoughts? Comment below!

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