Monday, February 18, 2013

Totally Red Tuesday!

Hey Guys, Rexmonos here,

Today there is a special event...

Yes If you have noticed Bananatastic added a new Event Calendar to the Maximonkey page that has all upcoming Maximonkey events (e.t.c. Loading of Maximonkey Gold e.t.c.) and even how to add MeetingMonkey!

All Maximonkeys even got a message from Minimonos!

It says,

Hi MaxiMonkey! There is a new MaxiMonkey News Board on the MaxiMonkey information page. Visit the Go Bananas blog and click the MaxiMonkey widget on the sidebar or go to to visit this page. The new MaxiMonkey News Board will be updated on a weekly basis. Please check the News Board frequently to make sure you know about all events happening. This new information board has some really cool features. All events are listed and if you click the name of an event you can get more information. For example, the next MaxiMeeting is at MeetingMonkey's treehouse. Are you not friends with MeetingMonkey? Well, if you click on the event on the News Board, you will be able to learn how to add MeetingMonkey. Starting next week we will be having special theme days during the week where we ask MaxiMonkeys to participate and use these special days to meet and chat with new monkeys. The first special event will be on February 21st. February 21st is Totally Red Tuesday??? visit the News Board and click the event to learn more. Finally, Bananatastic wants to know what you think about this new News Board so PLEASE send him a message and let him know what you think! :)

Interesting huh? Basically Totally Red Tuesday is based on the Lunar Year Celebratory belief that the colour Red is lucky (e.g. Red Envelope) Basically all Monkeys (Mostly MaxiMonkeys but anyone can join) turn their Monkey Red and wish all new Monkeys luck on their journey to becoming a Green Banana, Top Banana & MiniMod. MaxiMonkeys are highly encouraged to participate and invite their friends. This is pretty cool huh? Comment your thoughts below.


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